CrossFit is our premier fitness program, taught in a small-group training format. CrossFit implements constantly varied, functional movements at relatively high intensity, capable of creating the most well-rounded athletes. Programming may include combinations of body weight movements (like pull-ups, push-ups, running), weighted movements (like dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted bars), or ballistic movements (like medicine balls, box jumps, jump rope). Your improvement through CrossFit is measured by increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains, like being able to do the same work you use to with less effort, or being able to more work in the same time or less. CrossFit is definitely better experienced than explained.


Olympic Weightlifting is a stand-alone program for those interested in pursuing the sport, but may also be used as a supplemental strength training program, or to develop technique for better lifting performance in the CrossFit program. This is a structured, guided, and coached program taught by a certified, USAW Coach. Participants should expect a different experience than what they may be use to in the CrossFit program. The general goal of the Olympic Weightlifting program is to develop the athlete in the two lifts of Olympic Weightlifting (the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk), specifically coaching the lifter in proper technique ultimately increasing weight loads.

Nutrition Coaching

CrossFit Lake Nona’s one-on-one nutrition coaching program is customized to fit your goals.  Nutrition is a very important aspect of a successful training protocol and we believe that the foundation of an overall healthy life is based on each unique individual, not a template. Our focus is to teach our clients the necessary tools to become a better version of themselves.

Personal Training

CrossFit Lake Nona offers personal training sessions for clients who wish to pursue specific goals. CrossFit Lake Nona’s Personal Training is comprehensive and thorough.  The decision to obtain a personal trainer is not one to made lightly, and should be the result of an open consultation between you and a CrossFit Lake Nona Coach.  We can help you assess your goals and determine the right way to approach them. Contact us in person to set up a personal consultation.