Getting fit at CrossFit Lake Nona


CrossFit Lake Nona is a fitness community dedicated to developing its members both physically and mentally.  We are a strength and conditioning facility featuring CrossFit as our primary training methodology, but offering SO much more!

CrossFit Kids allows the whole family to get involved. Olympic Weightlifting has a daily schedule and focuses on strength development. NonaFit™ is a shorter, down and dirty workout for the time challenged. Yoga is available to all ages, and is a necessary accessory to anyone’s fitness lifestyle.

All of our programs are taught using sound, modern principles of training from educated and highly experienced coaches, in a positive atmosphere, that is both safe and effective for all ages and all fitness levels. Our programs are taught in a small group format, with one-on-one, personal, and corporate training available. Our goal is to show our members that fitness is an exhilarating lifestyle, and not a daily chore.